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Event schedule

Wednesday 23 March Activity Location
12pm – 5pm Registration / Check In Noosa Marina, Tewantin
Thursday 24 March Activity Location
9am – 5pm Registration / Check In Noosa Marina, Tewantin
All Day – Times TBC Noosa Lifestyle Activities Various Locations
Friday 25 March Activity Location
9am – 7pm Registration / Check In Noosa Marina, Tewantin
All Day – Times TBC Noosa Lifestyle Activities Various Locations
Saturday 26 March Activity Location
4.30am Bus & Ferry Shuttle Service Begins From Noosa Heads to Tewantin
5.00am Venue Open including Information & Gear tent Goodwin Street, Tewantin
6.30am – 1.00pm Registrations / Check in open for Forest 15 and Pomona Sundowner 30 Goodwin Street & Read Park, Tewantin
6.00am Race Start – Ultra-Trail 100 Goodwin Street
6.00am Race Start – Hinterland Traverse 80 Goodwin Street
6.15am – 6.50am Courtesy Bus transfers to Twin Hill Views Lookout for Cross Country 25 Cullinane Street, Tewantin
7.00am Race Start – Out’N’Back 50 Goodwin Street
8.00am Race Start – Cross Country 25 Twin Hill Views lookout
8.00am Race Start – Forest 15 Goodwin Street
10.00am – 5pm Presentations Read Park
11.50am – 12.40pm Courtesy Bus transfers to Pomona for Pomona Sundowner 30 Cullinane Street, Tewantin
1.30pm Race Start (women) – Pomona Sundowner 30 Stan Topper Park, Pomona
2.00pm Race Start (men) – Pomona Sundowner 30 Stan Topper Park, Pomona
9pm Cut off for Hinterland Traverse 80 Read Park
9pm Cut off for Ultra-Trail 100 Read Park
9.15pm Last Shuttle Bus departs for Noosaville & Noosa Heads Cullinane Street, Tewantin
Sunday 27 March Activity Location
9.00am – 12pm Lost Property & collection of Drop Bags Noosa Marina, Tewantin
All Day – Times TBC Lifestyle Activities Various Locations
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Pre-race information

Entries for Noosa Ultra-Trail® 2022 will open 6am – 1 September 2021.After deciding that you want to do the inaugural Noosa Ultra-Trail®, it means for those ‘early birds’ you have a full 6 months to train – Perfect!! Particularly if you want to tackle the ultra distance events.

Registration / Check In

The Registration / Check in will be at Noosa Marina, Tewantin. It will be open as follows:

  • Wednesday 23rd – 12pm – 5pm
  • Thursday 24th 9am – 5pm
  • Friday 25th 9am – 7pm

Check in will also be available for Forest 15 and Pomona Sundowner 30 runners at Read Park on Saturday 630am -1pm.You will require ID and will receive your race pack including race bib and timing chip, event t-shirt, coffee voucher, wristband and visor or headskinz.

A place to stay – If you’re visiting Noosa make sure you have booked your accommodation well in advance. Noosa is a popular place hence it’s smart to plan ahead!


Leave the car and take advantage of ferry service. From Wednesday to Friday for a small charge you can be taken from the main accommodation hubs of Noosa Heads and Noosaville to the Check In / Registration area at Noosa Marina, Tewantin. Enjoy the river cruise and a coffee at the marina.


For those with family or friends wishing to see the beautiful Hinterland and meet you at a Checkpoint on the course there will be limited designated and street parking around the venue. There’s lots to explore so head to Pomona and have a coffee or check out Lake McDonald and the Botanic Gardens!!Click Here for Venue parking map

Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Gear is now a regular part of ultra trail events. This is an event based on minimalist requirements however due to the nature of trail running particularly in forests and parks there are always potential obstacles or hazards.

Hence all competitors in the Ultra Events deemed Ultra (anything over 42.2km) being the 50km, 80km and 100km must carry gear at all times. As Athlete Safety and Welfare is at the core of our principles – No mandatory gear means no start.

Mandatory Gear is as follows:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Rain Jacket (if rain is predicted)Water / Electrolyte and Nutrition
  • Compression Bandage
  • Whistle

For those racing the Hinterland traverse 80km and Ultra-Trail® 100km, additional items include:

  • Approved hi-vis vest that complies with Australian Standard
  • Headlamp
  • Thermal top subject to conditions

Those competing in the 30km, 25km or 15km should only need to carry sufficient fluid or nutrition as required.

Race Outfit

Make sure you have appropriate clothing for the conditions such as sunscreen and a hat or visor if it is hot and wet weather gear if rain is forecast. Luckily the month of March is usually warm so there should be no need for thermals !

Race Number and Timing

This should be attached to the front of your shirt. There will be a no shirt – no race policy.

Fluid and Nutrition

There will be aid stations and water stations along the routes. Carry whatever you decide you need.


If you are looking for local Trail Running Groups to train with send us an email and we can help put you in touch with some great people. The Noosa Ultra & Trail Runners (NUTRs) are the local trail specialists in Noosa.


If you are seeking remedial or sports massage treatment prior to the event contact Glo Personal Training & Massage via the following email: [email protected]

Start List
  • 15K
  • 25KM
  • 30KM
  • 50KM
  • 80KM
  • 100KM
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Race Day Information

Race Briefings

Race briefings will be held 10 minutes prior to the start of all events. It is compulsory for you to attend your race briefing. It will include any course changes, weather alerts or event day issues.

For those competing in the Cross Country 25 your race briefing will be at the start at Twin Hill Views Lookout. Similarly for those in the Pomona Sundowner 30 your briefing will be at the start at Stan Topper Park in Pomona.

Timing Transponders

For all events we use disposable timing transponders which are attached to the back of your race bib.

There are multiple timing mats along the route meaning your family and friends can track your progress.

Information / Gear Tent / Lost Property

This will be open from 5am at the Read Park Venue and will accept any excess gear you have (sweaters, jackets). Your bag must have the numbered tag provided to you at Check In. The Gear Tent will close at 9pm. Any gear left behind will be able to be collected at Noosa Marina on Sunday from 9am – 12pm. Any gear not collected by 12pm will be given to local charities.

Note: There is no Gear Tent at the 25km or 30km Start lines.

Start Line Facilities

There are a range of facilities available at Read Park and Pomona including toilets. Twin Hills View Lookout has only toilets. Click here for venue maps for Read Park, Pomona and Twin Hill Views Lookout.

Tea / Coffee

Each participant in the morning events is given a ‘Happy Spouse Happy House’ Tea or Coffee voucher which can be redeemed from 5am – 12pm at the First Batch coffee van at Read Park.

Food & Beverages

There will be several catering vans in the Venue area. The Tewantin shopping centre area is a 10 minute walk (800 metres) with a whole range of shops.

Transport – Shuttle Bus or Noosa Ferry

During the online registration process, athletes can pre purchase vouchers for themselves and family members for on the day transport.

The shuttle bus or ferry service will operate from 4.30am Saturday morning departing from Noosa Heads. These will take athletes and their family / friends from the main accommodation hubs of Noosa Heads and Noosaville to the Noosa Marina and the Start / Finish at Read Park, Tewantin. Those taking the Ferry can either walk the 1.5km (15 minutes) to Read Park or wait for the Shuttle Bus.

The last Ferry will depart Noosa Marina at 5.15pm and the last shuttle bus will depart Read Park at 9.15pm arriving in Noosa Heads at approximately 9.45pm.

Click here for Transport Map and times – Coming soon.

Parking / Drop Off

There will be limited designated and street parking around the venue. There’s lots to explore so head to Pomona for coffee or lunch see the beautiful Hinterland – or meet your runner at a Checkpoint on the course and check out locations such Lake McDonald and the Botanic Gardens!!

Click here for Spectator viewing map – Coming soon.

25km Competitors – MUST READ

There is no parking or access to the start at Twin Hills View Lookout. All competitors must catch the shuttle bus from Read Park.

Bus departure times are from 6.15am – 6.50am (if buses are full before the designated time they will depart). DO NOT MISS THE BUS.

DROP Bags (50km, 80km & 100KM runners only)

These will be at your designated Checkpoints – either CP 2 (23km) and / or CP4(53km or 73km). Drop bags should be handed in at registration.

Bags should be in the accepted style (Insulated Square Shopping Bags and clearly numbered, named and labelled CP2 or CP4).CP2 drop bags will be available for collection from 3pm at Read Park. CP4 drop bags will be available on Sunday 9am – 12pm at Noosa Marina.

Checkpoints and Medical / Aid Stations

There will be a total of 5 Checkpoints on the 80km and 100km course, 3 checkpoints in the 50km course, 1 checkpoint in 30km & 25km and 1 checkpoint on the 15km course.

At each checkpoint there will be water and electrolyte and a range of fruit and snacks (there will be no food at Checkpoint 1). Each checkpoint will have a First Aid person to attend to any athlete issues.

There will be toilet facilities at all checkpoints except Checkpoint 1.Athletes in the 50km, 80km and 100km must bring their own fluid and nutrition as specified in the Mandatory Gear Lists.

There will be rubbish bins provided however all athletes are expected to take all their rubbish with them.

Given the time of year there are additional water stations along some sections of the courses between checkpoints.

Refer to course maps for details.

Road Crossing

Due to the nature of the Noosa Trail Network the event will be on ‘open roads’. In other words there will be no road closures except Goodwin Street, Tewantin.

There are several road crossings that will be either fully supervised by accredited traffic management personnel or by self crossing points at low traffic areas.

It is every runners responsibility to ensure they comply with race rules and exhibiting caution when either crossing over roads or running on road shoulders.

Cut off times

Sunrise is at 6.03am and sunset 6.05pm with darkness descending around 6.30pm. Being the first year and with Athlete Safety our No.1 priority we want to bring the majority of the field home before dark! Please refer to the individual event pages for specific cut off times.

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Post race information

Finish Area

The Finish Area for all events is at Read Park, Tewantin.

VENUE Map – coming soon.

There will be a number of catering facilities for spectators and friends to enjoy as well as an outdoor café set up under the trees

For a wider selection of food offerings people can stroll into Tewantin (only 10 minutes walk) should they be seeking more facilities or services.

The first runners are expected to finish at the following times:

  • 15km – First Male 9.10am
  • First Female 9.20am
  • 25km – First Male 9.45am
  • First Female 10am
  • 50km – First Male 11am
  • First Female 11.30am
  • 80km First Male 2.00pm
  • First Female 3.00pm
  • 30km First Male – 4.15pm
  • First Female – 4.20pm
  • 100km First Male – 4pm
  • First Female – 5pm

Prize Giving Schedule (Approximate Times – 10 minutes after 3rd place )

  • 15km – 10am
  • 25km – 11am
  • 50km – 1pm
  • 80km – 4pm
  • 100km – 5pm

There will be a finish line photographer capturing your finish line experience and memory of your achievement.

Random Draw Prizes

There will be a number of random draw prizes after each Prize Giving Schedule with prizes given only if the person is in attendance

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Trail / Race Rules & Safety

At the core of the Noosa Ultra Trail event mantra is both Athlete Experience and athlete safety.

Course Signage and Markings

For a large part of each course runners will follow the established Noosa Trail Network trails.

Each course will be clearly marked with sign boards, colour coding and arrows at junctions or key locations.

  • Forest 15 – Green
  • Cross Country 25 – Yellow
  • Pomona Sundowner 30 – Orange
  • Out N Back 50 – Royal Blue
  • Hinterland Traverse 80 – Silver
  • Ultra-Trail® 100 – Black

In addition where necessary the trail will be highlighted with pink ribbons and reflective tape.

Personal Safety

The Noosa Ultra-Trail® takes place in the Hinterland weaving its way on roads, paths, tracks and trails through forests, residential areas and pasture lands.

It is the responsibility of each runner to ensure their own safety as they navigate their way along each course.

Runners in the 50km, 80km and 100km must carry mandatory gear.

Being in autumn the weather is still expected to be warm and humid so consumption of sufficient water, electrolyte and nutrition is important.

Each runner should carry a mobile phone and the emergency number for Race Director will be provided.

Course Safety

As this is a new event some of the trails will be new terrain for many runners. Although there are no steep mountainous climbs there are still some technical sections requiring careful navigation particularly slopes around creek crossings.

As well some of the areas have experienced deforestation with earthworks and unsure footing part of the trail network.

As an established Trail Network caution needs to be observed along many sections particularly along dirt roads, beside people’s homes and for some the presence of cows and gates! There will be other users on the day including walkers, mountain bike riders, possibly motor bikes and even horses.

The most important element of this event is to show caution at every road crossing and be alert to motor vehicle traffic along dirt or bitumen roads.

Each section will have a designated Trail Ranger who is in radio communication with the 2 event hubs in Tewantin and Pomona.

Medical Response

Think Medical Solutions are responsible for all medical situations or emergencies. There is a paramedic based at every one of the 5 checkpoints.

In the event of a medical emergency and you are the first on the scene the following protocol needs to1. First on Scene

If you are first on the scene stop and assist the person in need. Establish their name and if required phone for help on the EMERGENCY NUMBER. Give details of the situation, the race number of the person injured or distressed and your approximate location.2. Stay and Support

If required stay with the runner until the Trail Ranger or medical support arrives. The maximum distance from each checkpoint is 11km.

Race Rules

Download the attached PDF to view the race rules

Covid -19

With COVID-19 now a part of our daily lives we will be employing appropriate COVID – 19 policies as stipulated by the Queensland Government.

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UTMB Qualifier

The Noosa Ultra-Trail® is an official Qualifier for the newly created UTMB® World Series.

With 3 stones for the 100km; 2 stones for the 80km course and 1 stone for the 50km course this provides you with an opportunity to qualify for the World Series Majors.

For more information click here

Qualifier 20k
Qualifier 50k
Qualifier 100k
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We encourage your family and friends to go out on course and watch.

Here is a map showing access routes and as well as viewing points for your runner.


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Craig Alexander Square 2

I love Noosa, it is a beautiful place with a rich history in endurance events. As someone who has seen first hand the growth of trail running, I'm excited to come up to Noosa - so join me at the Noosa Ultra-Trail®, a fun and challenging new run festival in the Noosa Hinterland.

Craig Alexander

Our ambassadors
Kellie Emmerson Square

I always love being part of an inaugural event, particularly when it involves heading north! I’m ‘stoked’ to be a part of the Noosa Ultra-Trail® happening in March.

Kellie Emmerson

Our ambassadors
Matt Golinski Square 2

As a local I love the diversity of the landscapes and friendliness in the small towns. I’ve been part of the discussions with the community about the Trail Network upgrades and how to make the trails more usable, so it’s great to see a new event like the Noosa Ultra-Trail® enticing more people to our patch of paradise.

Matt Golinski

Our ambassadors
Kat Harding Square

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Noosa Ultra-Trail®, a brand new event coming to my home town in 2022. Living an active lifestyle and enjoying the outdoors is a huge part of my life and incredibly important in order to live well and be healthy! I can’t wait to share yoga and its benefits to the runners participating in the event.

Kat Harding

Our ambassadors

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Entries open 1 September 2021.

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